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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Selamat Hari Ibu 2011

Setiap hari adalah hari untuk menghargai IBU dan bapa. Since everyone sibuk wishing hari ibu here and there, I dont want my mum to feel ketinggalan or dipinggirkan. Due to that, I have decided to wish her

Happy Mother’s Day!

But I want her to know that everyday adalah hari IBU! Not just this 8th May. I love you a lot Mak (I always call her (kalu time joke) UMANYAk <—cara orang Banjar).

Mak, thanks for raising me up and taking care of me until this second. No wonder Allah asked us to respect and loves mother. You have carried such a huge responsibility. The result is as you can see… how is your kids, BAE (my brother) and me. I am so glad you’ve teach and became a role model for me in human interaction, and cooking.

Wanita Hari Ini 2011 - Ep 90 (Hari Ibu) copy

Wanita Hari Ini Ep 90 – Sambutan Hari Ibu 2011

Credit to: www.tonton.com.my

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