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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When a Guy Went for Shopping……..

Lelaki jarang2 shopping. But when they shop, they will ensure the item is

“I do really need this”


“Worth it!”


So… we went to PADINI Authentic outlet (it was happening during the same day as when I shopped for ++ Current Collection ).


Here is my brother with ‘something’ on his hand.

Then we’ve made a crazy survey between these 2 shops, Maxis and Digi, with additional 2 shops, Switch and Celcom.

I believe you can guess what is he’s going to buy…



What kind of gadget?

(okay im so sleepy right now so im just going to tell you the answer)

Answer: iPhone 4 (Black)

With a great deal, price, and explanation from Digi, we‘ve finally decided to get this APPLE… hey APPLE product from them.








B0370 = B0371








He is working so hard, day and night, why should I stop him from buying a reward for himself?



I have tested the camera.

1 word for it, “Greatest!” . It is APPLE. Duhhhh Shakirah~ =.=’

I love one of the game, Talking Tom (also available for Android. None for Windows, BOOOOO~~! :( <—mine )

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