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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

++ Current Collection

Last weekend, my brother went back from KL. We spent our time together to hangout and get some stuffs because PADINI has sent me a notification regarding SALE during that weekend for their members.


VINCCI is one of the outlet under PADINI’s brand. If you noticed, VINCCI outlet is currently my favorite heels’ shop. Their great items come together with the great and affordable price.


My eyes were freeze at these 3 heels. They looks really comfy and kind of sexy.


Another thing that I like about this heels (or wedges <—betul ke eja ha??) is the pattern kat sisi ni. It looks not that plain not that meriah.

I tried another one


It looks really elegance, random, formal, and unique style. For me, this pattern is more suitable for professional-office environment.

Comfortable? YES IT IS!

Due to that, my brother has bought me my first choice.


Thank you my brother.

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