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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fragile week

I am under fragile week.

I am under stress because of so many things.

The pimples seem having a non-stop party on all over my face. I think I need to change the bed sheet. I did it last night. One of my cats, adik was excited having a new bed cover. It jumps up and down onto the bed.

I feel fragile.

When I was about to sleep, as usual adik will sleep at one corner of the bed. But last night, adik sleeps nearer to my feet and hug it like he wants to calm me down. I was touched. I cried like crazy. A cat can understand how I feel and the most amazing part is it makes an effort to calm me down and I don't have to convince them.

I am blessed for having these two smart cats around me since last year. There are the irreplaceable gifts after my mak, ayah, and brother.

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