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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tips Memilih Insurance Terbaik

Insurance agent – sometimes can be the most irritating person – hate that.

Ok.. ketepikan insurance agent.

I want to focus on insurance itself.

Insurance is important to be used pasa masa-masa yang tertentu/genting yang berkaitan dengan kesihatan; hospitality, disease. Nak harapkan duit simpanan, boleh. But cukup ke untuk rawatan susulan? bil-bil hospital? rawatan pakar? this is the purpose untuk subscribe insurance. TO help us masa sakit.

Due to that, we should save some portions from our income to pay our insurance policy. What types of policies are available out there? Which types of policy you’ve subscribed? Until when?

Life/Death? Medical/hospitality? Critical disease? Personal Accident?

Less we pay, less coverage. We have to find something in the middle and we can afford!

That is the key. The monthly contribution should be not too much until we cannot afford to eat, and not too less until we cannot claim anything except death – sad!

I have made some readings and observations regarding insurance. The concept is really clear. To help the person when they are in trouble (based on the coverage).

Most of Malays did not trust an insurance company. Why? Because they saw many people (friends/family) dah jadi mangsa insurance agent – look the word here, AGENT.

Here are some tips before you subscribe for an insurance policy:

  1. Make sure you are dealing with an authorized agent from a well established insurance company (not subagent).
  2. Make sure the coverage (note the amount) are as follows; death, 36 critical disease, medical (very important), saving investment (return), maximum age.
  3. Jangan pilih agent yang sangat2 mendesak. Pilih ikut gerak hati korang - selesa.


This is the most sad part. I have meet a few of my friends. Some of them declared themselves as an insurance subscriber.

Case 1: “I just pay RM56 per month” – X. When I take a look at the policy, coverage: death and permanent disability only. To further more, if something happen to X except death, and lost ability (pair), he CANNOT claim anything at all.

Case 2: “I have 2 policies; medical and saving” – Y. What will happen to his medical policy’s contribution? You give me the answer.

Boleh nampak tak? Banyak customer di playing around by these irresponsible insurance agents.

Sebab tu you have to ensure the coverage before you subscribe an insurance policy.

Bukan salah pengguna kalau tak tahu apa2 mengenai insurance sebab they haven’t been explained well/clearly by their agent.

Honestly I feel very sad tengok banyak orang Melayu kene twist dengan orang Melayu sendiri.

As an agent, you patut TOLONG orang. Bukan just nak close the deal and get your commission.

I read, I saw, banyak yang sangat2 tamak.

You chose to be an insurance agent. You really want that job because of the job environment and responsibility, or you just want that job because of the commission? It is fine for you to get the commission if you’ve done your job very well. Tapi kalau you explain tak clear, you keep on saying “boleh boleh boleh” for everything termasuk yg tak boleh, you rasa dah wat keje yg betul?

I am not getting emotional here. But I am very sick with some of the agents yang macam buaya. Cari mangsa untuk close the deal and left them lepas dapat commission. Because of these kind of people lah yang buat banyak orang benci agent insurance.

Ada banyak pilihan; insurance issued from bank, Prudential BSN, Etiqa, Great Eastern, ING, MNI… banyak lah!

For me personally and based on my experience, I prefer and already subscribed to Great Eastern Takaful. I chose it because of the product, and the agent.

To all readers, buat la pilihan yang terbaik untuk insurance. Subscribe seawal mungkin sebab mana2 insurance tak akan cover untuk penyakit sedia ada.

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