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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Thermos Mug for Me and My Brother

I don’t know why I become a Starbucks-maniac recently. Their coffee does really works on me – hyperactive.

Back to the topic – thermos.

Last month I did get myself a thermos mug from Parkson. Alaaa tak nak la mahal2 yang sampai beratus2 and dalam kaca. Yang tu memang la panas. Hot drinks macam green tea and coffee are my favorites. Lepas 3 minggu pakai thermos tu… cap (penutup) plastik tu dah bengkok. – frustrated! 3 weeks! masak la nak beli for every month kan.

Masuk je gaji, I have decided to get a starbucks’ thermos for myself, and the other one for my brother – dia pernah cakap he wants thermos from Starbucks – tak nak from parkson. “demand!” – I replied.


Do you know that Starbucks ada card… macam touch n go card?

  • Bila register – dpt one complementary drink.
  • Bila beli thermos ni (melalui starbucks’ card – topup with minimum RM50) -  1 free drink for one thermos.
  • Discount RM2.00 for a drink if you bring your own starbucks cup/mug/thermos.

A lot more offers when you’ve registered your starbucks’ card.

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