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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Body Shop - Week 7 Spend and Win Contest Winners

I am one of the 80 selected lucky customers!

I am totally lupa pasal contest ni. I have entered it suka suka lepas pegi ke website The Body Shop untuk observe harga barang2.

Pagi tadi tiba-tiba dapat email. Mula-mula macam bugged jugak ingatkan email spam. Actually memang betul… email tu adalah notification of me, adalah winner untuk pusingan Week 7 Spend and Win Contest.



Dia bagi 2 options untuk hadiah;

*2 tiket ke Aquaria KLCC

*Limited Edition Bakula Body Butter

Aquaria dah penah pegi, so I have decided untuk collect hadiah body butter.

Here is the announcement made by The Body Shop Malaysia.



Seronoknye sayer.



Want to join it and be one of the winner?

Follow these three steps;

Step 1: Purchase any amount

Step 2: SMS to 33213


Example: TBS Alice Ali 540201010102 aliceali@gmail.com

Source and for more information:




Tak rugi jadi loyal customer for this kind of world wide brand.

The contest period is between 24 August until 16 November 2012.

Good luck!

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