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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday Evening with Yves Rocher

Hello! How’s your weekend? This weekend I’ve chose to pamper myself. Other than sleep… I and my friend, Salmi, went for make over.


Kebetulan Yves Rocher Alamanda ada promotion untuk produk terbaru, Hydra Vegetal.


Cuaca sekarang kan sangat panas masa tengah hari. Walaupun dah minum air more than 1.5L sehari, kulit tetap rasa kering. Seharian keje dalam sejuk air-cond pun boleh mengeringkan kulit. So we do really need a product to hydrate our skin from the outside too.

We starts our session by analyzing our skin.


Miss Nina’s my assistant through out the day and every time I went there. She’s very friendly, and helpful. She helps me to check my skin’s hydration. The result’s not so good… 33%. It indicates I have a dry skin. Well, I already know that since I keep on feel thirsty all the time.

I’ve gone through the following steps;


I love the feeling. Very cool. Not as cool as mint but I feel like I‘m applying wet tissue on my face every single minute. Very refreshing!! I even feel like to apply it to all over my body!

When we have finished, here’s the result…


58%. Any result is good as long as it is above 50%.


Thanks nina!

Lets move to make over…


Impressive. SO many equipment!

Well, there are two makeup artists. Mine wasn’t really friendly Sad smile boooooo

She feels unease when I keep on asking what product/item that she applied to my face. Of course I want to know every single thing that you’ve applied to my face… at least it can increase the potential for me to buy Yves Rocher’s makeup products. Don’t you get it miss?

What I can recall during the session’s;

She starts with eye’s area – eyelid’s sticker (makes your eyes bigger), foundation, eye based, light pink eyeshadow (based), brown eyeshadow (shading), eyeliner.

Then baru masuk bahagian seluruh muka.

Foundation – loose powder – pink blusher – eyebrow shadow (chocolate) – mascara – bulu mata palsu (optional).

Alahhhh, very basic lah. Bukan macam artis nak naik pentas.

And here’s the result.


Mari kita pergi ke sesi photoshoot…


One of the shoots. Pandai cik salmi kita berposing.


I meet these school kids… teenagers pun pakai this product. Well, it is botanical product.


Actually October is my birthday month. So apa yang menariknya bila menjadi ahli Yves Rocher? Buy one FREE one item!!!


I have decided to get their perfume. FYI Yves Rocher adalah perfume number 1 di France. Spray sikit je dah cukup.


Untuk product Hydra Vegetal, I’ve got their Gel Crème (RM59.00), FREE toner, and LUCKY DRAW Gel Crème too! And the remaining two down there are coconut bath cube, and bath net… FREE GIFT!

Alright… I hope ramai yang akan jadi penggguna Yves Rocher sekarang ni. Worth it for money.

And this is the picture from the photoshoot.


Black and white polkadot – Classic

A few tips to share here are – for this kind of promotion;

  • We have to control ourselves
  • Know our nawaitu (intention) to go there
  • Know the types of promotion – requires to buy with a minimum purchase or not
  • What are the activities included in that package
  • Try to avoid additional charges; Fake eyelashes (RM15), whole softcopy picture; 1cd (RM100), Laminate (RM10) --- these are ridiculous things that you should minimize your expenditure – you don’t even need it. Usually these are done by the ‘outsource’… not by the brand itself – Rational!

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