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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tips for buying electronic stuffs

Make sure you check the condition of the thing that you wanted to buy before you do the purchase. If the salesperson tell that you must purchase then you can check.. NO USE ANYMORE. Why? Because their goal are usually to sell the item. You paid, then you check. Of course before you pay they will say, "It is okay. They will replace it with the new one if the item that you purchased is broken.". What if the item SOLD is broken? You have already paid.
There are three (3) possibilities:

  1. They will replace it with the new one. What if there is no other stocks available?
  2. They will ask you to claim the warranty which you have to wait for another 3 weeks till you get it back.
  3. You want your money back? You can't because the purchased item has already keyed-in into the system.
Here you can see the power of money. You have right on your money as long as you are holding it. Before you let it go to other people's hand, please please please ensure it is worth it! Don't easily give your money without checking the item that you wanted to buy because once you purchased, it is hard to get you money back even the item is broken.

Have a safe shopping!

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