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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I am Not a Quitter Nor Loser

Grab every opportunity

Think as fast as the lightening

Cherish every moment

Laugh as no one can listen

Cry as much as a baby

Brave as brave as a warrior

Work as a professional person

Dress to impress people

Walk as if on the runaway

Run as if on the stadium track

Fly to reach the sky

Swim into the deep ocean

Hurt and to be hurt

Pain as it leads to death

… As long as it will not cause you to death, Face it! Go through it! If one opportunity is closed, don’t you ever regret because you have tried. A failure is cannot determine you as a loser. A loser can be labeled only if you are a quitter. If one door is closed, much more doors are still opening and waiting for you to enter. The opening door may not seen as beautiful as the diamond closed door, but it may consist of priceless happiness, love and promising future.

:) Apa pun yang terjadi, berjalanlah tanpa henti. Pelangi yang indah hanya akan muncul selepas hujan.

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