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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Anugerah Akademik UNITEN Tahun 2014

Kategori Anugerah Akademik Harapan bagi Kategori Pengajaran

Alhamdulillah. I dedicate this award to mak, ayah, and my brother.
  1. Thank you to my parents and brother for their endless support, to my bosses for the trust and nomination, to my friends and to my students. 
  2. Passion in teaching is a must but the knowledge on how to do it is crucial. It will direct us to applies the correct methods and target for the achievable goal.
  3. I admit the 'instruction' from my boss to attend part-time Diploma in Teaching and Learning does helps me in improving my teaching skills. I may know how to teach before but without guideline, it is similar like driving a car without having a license/pass the driving test. I got some tips from some experienced lecturers on what to achieve in this academic field especially Prof. Zainal Ariffin. They are very positive people. Thank you to all my teachers/lecturers. 
  4. I do enjoy teaching. For me, ever semester starts a new chapter. I may be assigned to teach same or different subject, I may face same or different students, different attitude and drama. Different subject sometimes need different ways to handle it. It is a challenge for me to find the best teaching method for every session. 
  5. Honest. Open our heart to accept any new subject assign to us. Sometimes, it is a bit tough. Of course it is tough since we will explore something new (learnt but may be forgotten after sometimes). But, think about the trust that your boss has given to you. They trust your capability. Proof you can do it. 
  6. My students.. former students.. without all of you, this award may not belongs to me. Thank you.
  7. Satisfied? Yes but it is not a stopping point for me. A lot more things to be improved. 
  8. Never stop improving ourselves. There is always a room to be improved. We are not perfect, we can never be perfect. But we can deliver our ultimate best. 
  9. Rezeki. It is a gift from Allah to me. I have gone through a quite tough time in these few months. But Allah has replaced the sadness with this happiness. 
Thank you Mak, Ayah, my brother Shukeri, COIT's Dean Dr Siti Salbiah, My Former HOD Dr Azizah, My current HOD Dr Salman, and all others. May Allah bless all of you.

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