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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Marie Claire Free Table Calendar 2013

If other people are so excited when they plan to go to Big Bang Wolf to get some books, I love to go to myNews.com located at Skypark Terminal Subang to get some magazines. Health and Beauty magazine was in my mind. But I couldn’t find one. Then I saw one magazine that’s wrapped by a plastic, Marie Claire. Of course there is a free gift inside – from KOSE.


I saw it is a table calendar 2013. Without further reading, I get myself this magazine… actually I pow-ed my brother to get me this.


Dan hasil pow-ed


(gambar ini telah di sensored)

aaaaaa.. ada kakak pakai baju renang… banyak page pulak tu.

Dan tiba-tiba hati ku berkata…

Hancur hati ku

mengenang dikau calendar

menjadi keping-keping

sebanyak keping baju renang

I just don’t get it. This is a magazine for perempuan. Why why WHY kene letak perempuan dengan pakaian renang yang sexy.


Tinggallah diriku dengan hati yang lara. Tetapi! org kreatif tak stop di situ. I will tampal gambar2 tu dengan To-do list wall.

What if shin chan yang dapat this calendar???


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