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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Customer Review: US vs France


US vs France. No.. I am not talking about war or any political issues. I am talking about some women’s passion – Lipstick.

Last week, I have rewarded myself a MAC lipstick.

The story begins…

When I was a student, I do really admire this one cosmetic product, MAC. The color, the prestige, the brand, the packaging, economic… everything seems perfect! (For a guy, MAC is something similar like Ferrari). During that time, I couldn’t afford to get one.

When I went to France, I have been introduced to this one brand, Yves Rocher. It is a botanical product. What attract me the most is their lipstick. Very moisturizing, beautiful color, very affordable. But still, MAC product was something that is always in my dream to own one day.

The day has come. For about a year I have been happily using 3 Yves Rocher lipsticks, I finally ‘betrayed’ it once. I have bought a lipstick from MAC. I’ve got myself the most lovely sweet pink color – the color that I was dreaming about since many years ago.

New MAC store is opened in Alamanda Putrajaya. I was a bit nervous when entering the store. It is my dream to step in there – like kids entering the candy shop. I was entertained by a lovely salesgirl. She assists me to try the lipstick, powder, and blusher. Variety of colors. For blusher, to be frank, I love blusher from The Body Shop more! In the end, I just got myself the lipstick that cost me RM68 – not bad huh.

A normal procedure when you’re the first timer in using this product – fill in a form that I cant recall the exact name but something related to warranty –  a bit technical word.

I was happy! Again, I love the color. When I applied this lipstick on my lips, I don’t need any lip gloss. It is “wet”-looking enough.

After about a week that I have been using this product, I feel a bit disappointed. The promising moisturizer is not that moist. I need to apply an additional lip balm before applying the lipstick.

If using Yves Rocher lipstick, I don’t need any other lip balm to moist my lips. Now I realized that why should I get another brand that couldn’t take care of my lips?

Sorry MAC, you have disappointed me. I was happy when I went into your shop. I was happy when I went out from that shop. But I think, Yves Rocher suits a dehydrated-person like me, more.

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