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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jamuan Raya COIT 2012

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all Muslims. My bad lama sangat dah tak update blog. I am still adjusting my routine and time untuk berblog sejak keje ni. How’s your raya? Kejap je rasa sebulan syawal ni. Now dah masuk bulan Zulkaedah. Open houses? This year tak banyak sangat for me since I am still new here. But ada la a few. Most of my weekend hanya untuk rehat. Plus my universiti baru habis final exam last week. Phew. Later on I will share the story pasal my first course untuk semester ni.


Here is my picture together with my colleagues (a part of it) and the dean.

This is my 3rd time kot celebrate raya with COIT (as staff). Previous years lebih meriah sebab majority boleh datang. For this time,not many of us managed to attend the event due to outstation + final exam invigilation is on going. All in our head was marking marking and marking the answer scripts.

I left my camera at home! (Credit all pictures untuk my college) So I didnt managed to capture what do we have on that makan-makan day. Never mind, I will list out:

  1. Nasi tomato ayam merah
  2. bihun/mee sup (i took the sambal kicap and kacang a lot!)
  3. Mee kari seafood (yummieh… I love this one)
  4. Lemang with rendang (dah tak larat nak makan masa tu. Now sgt3 teringin!)
  5. Koktail mixed fruit (tak sempat rasa. But I am pretty sure its yummy since out of stock cepat!)
  6. Cakes… I love cakes! My favorita red velvet and choc cheese if im not mistaken.


Isnt the strawberry looks yummy?


We are not doing the gangnam style. We are just exercising our hands yang bertungkus lumus untuk preparation for the majlis. *denial*


Here here Here. Can you see the decoration at the back? It’s made by Mr. TJ, our taiko (grey baju melayu in the previous picture). I love it.

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