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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sweet n sour deal by Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

Last 4 days, I have received a newsletter from MAS. I usually do not bother about what ever newsletter comes in. But on that day,  I was 'accidentally' clicked on that email and I saw "Penang from MYR238 (return)".

EH........ 238.... /2..... wow. (why /2? return flight) 
I clicked on the lovely purple BOOK NOW button with an excited-heart-beating rhythm. 
Let say if I select the following date...

Click on the image to enlarge

The best deal is from MYR51. How cheap is that for a trip with MAS air-plane! I was too excited enuf. But... how about the tax and fuel surcharges? It costs me just a little bit (2 to 3 ringgit) higher than my flight ticket. My brother did asked me to check with the other air-plane service... our favourite one, Firefly. I have selected the same date and time, and guess how much does this company is going to charge me... 2 times of the total cost of this (MAS) return flight sweet deal. That is not sweet at all!

Maybe some you've said... why don't I choose Air Asia? 

searching in my 'storage device'

Just wait for another second


No search result for 'Air Asia'

I proceed with the booking process with MAS. Everything went smoothly until....


Reason 1: Address of the credit card billing is not valid.
I have corrected and resubmit.

Reason 2: Credit card number field is empty
I have corrected and resubmit.

Reason 3: Address of the credit card billing is not valid. Attempted maximum ... .... Please contact our call centre 1300883000.

With my prepaid balance RM1.20, I make a call to the call center.

I have to wait for 2 minutes for their FOC advertisements (while I am paying for the phone bill), and another waiting time was for a few level of options list until I reach the option to talk with the operator (which is none until I key-in the invalid button). When I did managed to talk to the operator, the first thing that I have said, 

"Hi, I am Shakirah, I have a problem with my booking tix but my prepaid is about to finished. Boleh tak you call I semula?"
Mr. Operator: Sorry puan, kita tak ada service untuk call pelanggan.
Me: Ok fine. I ...... bla bla bla.....
Mr. Operator: Puan guna browser apa?
Me: Chrome
Mr. Operator: Ok, puan booking lagi sekali guna Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Me: Then nanti I kene charge 2 times.
Mr. Operator: Tidak puan. Sebab tadi payment declined.... *call ended*

What.....?! Not nowwwwwwww.

Using Internet Explorer, the process was not that fast. I have to repeat the same process again with this crawling-browser. A...ha! Inside the Payment page, fields displayed in Internet Explorer were slightly different from Chrome. With just one click (and correct input), the payment has successfully made!
Unsupported web form... by using Chrome...

Maybe you should have take a look at the following figure.

My feeling is mixing between excited, happy for this great deal and also annoyed with system. What ever it is, bare in mind that there is no harm to subscribe newsletter from certain organisations. You will be updated if there is any promotion.

Plan your holiday now and fly with Malaysia Airlines with the best price.
Don't miss it!

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