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Saturday, July 21, 2012

1st night terawih....

Salam ramadhan to every Muslim. How's your first day puasa? Mine is quite good.
Last night was our first terawih in Ramadhan month this year. I hope many of us were able to made it.. well at least 8 rakaat.

My evening was not that good... sadly. Before Maghrib prayer, my tummy feels not that good. I feel like hearing a thunderstorm inside it. I told my brother maybe I am not going. But then I feel quite guilty towards myself. I should not starts my Ramadhan with this lame excuse. I find the proper outfits and new telekung, given by my mother, and we went to the nearest mosque. Alhamdulillah. We managed to parked our car near to the entrance.

There were not many Muslimat yet. I managed to get a place on the 2nd saf (row). While waiting for the prayer time, I feel quite 'empty'. I miss my mother a lot because last year, I have spent the whole Ramadhan in Penang with her and my father. The numbers of jemaah are increasing until I saw many of jemaah perform their sunat prayer at the corridor. :( 

Mr. Bilal starts the azan and iqamah.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to perform Isyak prayer together with the sunat prayer on before and after. Then it's time for tarawih. I was so excited!!

Everything went so well until... the imam starts with surah Al-Baqarah... "Alif Laam Miim". Suddenly I feel something wrong with both of my feet. I have tried to focus and starts taking a very deep breath. But the imam's voice is getting slower. I feel like to faint. I have tried to keep on standing but I know I can't stand longer. I will collapse. This will be much worse and will disturb other jemaah. I have decided to sit down on my feet. Then I can starts feeling the breeze from of the fans. I can feel my face and body are all sweats. I feel better than just now. Then I just proceed the prayer by just sitting. Ya Allah, I feel so small. All makcik2 can stand and pray. While me? I have to sit to pray. At the first place, I was thinking to just back-off. But Islam is not cruel at all. If I cant stand to pray, I can just perform it by sitting. Either I want or not. I said to myself, I dont care what ever people think about me, what I care is I was there and I want perform the prayer. I continue with the prayer until it completes 8 rakaat. Alhamdulillah. Allah allows me to perform the solat sunat tarawih although in the hard way. 

Subhanallah. Allah the Almighty. Alhamdulillah I am still alive and breathing.

Ok... the following part is not really related with the previous story but it is related to what happen after the prayer....

When we're on the way back home, I said to my brother I want an ice cream from McD. Sundae Chocolate. Yummy.... but suddenly... the drive-thru way is blocked! He said NVM, he will get it for me. But..... the McD is actually closed for reconstruction! Why WHY whyyyyyy?! What a frustrated dream to have sundae after I was about to faint.

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