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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nak tips kurus?

Hey Hey Hey...
today +- 3 minggu dah mula keje. So far so good. The 1st and 2nd week was my honeymoon week since I took my own sweet time in preparing the teaching material. During the previous weeks, I eat so-so la. My routine breakfast was hash brown+macaroni/spaghetti. Lunch usually the same menu or bihun sup tauhu and milo ais kat Imrish cafe, and dinner nasi (herbal ponni) and ayam/ikan.

Bad diet routine.

And guess what? I think I have gained a few kgs during that 2 weeks. I couldnt fit nicely into a few outfits because it was too fit.

I realized it and I took an early action to cut-down my meals.

Here's my menu:
Very early in the morning (5.30am)

  • 1 tblspn of Honey, Pamoga
  • 1 glass of plain water
  • Supplements (Vitamin C, B, E, and EPO)
  • Organic oat drinks / Hi-Goat - goat milk
I combine normal breakfast and lunch meal. I will try to ensure that I have my lunch between 11am-1pm. Not exceed 2pm.
  • Rice/spaghetti + Fish + vegetable
  • Hot nescafe O / Hot green tea
I try to get home early everyday so that I can have an early dinner (6-8pm)
  • Nasi herbal ponni (depends kalau sangat lapar) Limit to 1 cup (share by 2 adults) - skip this if tak lapar sgt
  • Ikan/ayam/burger
  • Teh O kurang manis
Before I sleep
  • Organic vegetable drinks (Melilea or NHF) + Klorofil + Cuka epal
Through out the day, I will ensure I took 2-3 bottles of plain water.

I walk a lot too by climbing up n down 5 floors, and my car park is quite far (3 blocks away). I do it for every single day... sometimes with 3.5inch heels. @_@

After 4 days, I managed to pakai baju yang too fit before.

That's how it goes.

Owh I missed one point... this is the most effective way to reduce weight...


the most miserable life will 'eat' you from the inside. This week is quite tense for me with so many problems and a deadline. When I get too tense, I usually lost my appetite and every time after I eat, I will go to the loo and also puke. It is tiring. But it works very well to reduce weight.

Ok.. the last point is not healthy at all. Dont puke on purpose, else u jadi bulimia and skeleton bergerak... which not pretty at all and its really bad for your throat.

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