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Saturday, October 19, 2013

"EH awak berisi la sekarang ni.."

"EH awak berisi la sekarang ni.." - X

Oh I wish I can reduce these fats by just pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL or Eraser tool in Photoshop. I can be multibillionaire if manage to do and sell a tool macam tu.

Well.. everyone wants a perfect body. So do I. I want my weight to be as the same as during my report duty last year. Very slim and nice body shape.

Yes I admit my weight is much more increased compared to last year.. after convo to be specific.

During 2011-2012 (when dealing with masters and being a mommy-daddy's PA), i didnt exercise at all. But i managed to reduce my weight. Tak ada benda lain nak fikir, body pun senang hati and bahagia dapat perhatian. I was healthy! very healthy! I have very less toxic inside my body. (I know from detox patch)

Now, my with a lot of workloads (not complaining because i love my job), this body seems rebel. It wants more attention. And it keeps on growing and expanding. Owh my dear. Susah hati lah. Sapa kata tak susah hati. Tapi bila sibuk kurang la susah hati tu. And i think my body is developing the fats to protect me from kesejukan kutub utara 8 jam sehari tu. HA macam polar bear.

But when I am thinking back... what ever it is... Alhamdulillah now I have rezeki. I managed to get my meals everyday. Pernah, i was bising about fats here and there, and one day when i get too busy, i dont have time to eat, i feel really bad. not rasa bad because of tak makan. but it seems like Allah is 'punishing' me for whining about this fat and rezeki that he gave to me every single day. During that day, I came to the office early in the morning, attending the meetings, classes until 6pm. i eat nothing except consuming some cups of green tea. that's it!

But of coz it does not mean I can take this problem easily. For those yang sangat concern about my weight, THANK YOU for your concern. That means I am visible to you and you have time to think about me! That is so sweet! FYI, I am also realised about this matter. I am working to reduce it. InshaAllah, kalau diizinkan Allah, mudah la urusan nak kuruskan badan ni dan kekal sihat. Doakan. Kita mampu merancang n buat, yang izinkan tu Allah. Buatlah macam mana pun kalau Allah tak izin, tak makan 100 hari pun tak kurus jugak. Doakan.

p.s: I dont need any advertisement or approach especially pasal Herbalife or Alphalipid or Shaklee. Thank you.

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  1. Ms pernah dengar tak diet atkins? No product at all and sangat berkesan. Yang best, diet ni boleh makan banyak2, tak payah lapar pon. Ramai dah berjaya buat diet ni. Ms boleh join group ni dekat fb boleh tengok mereka share gambar before and after. Hehe. Google pon boleh. Try la search Diet Atkins. :)