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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RM500 for lower-middle class person

Last week, i have found an article mengenai less nicotine and tar dalam rokok. Selalunya i will just ignore je article pasal rokok since memang banyak sangat nasihat2 dan kesedaran yang cuba disampaikan oleh penulis. 

But this time, ada satu part yang tiba-tiba menarik perhatian... Saya petik dari artikel tersebut...

"I have spoke to ex-smokers, and many of them, from the middle to lower-middle class, say they usually spend RM500-600 a month on cigarettes..."

It is a huge amount of money for a middle class people since we are now living in a generation yang memerlukan duit untuk semua benda. 

Everyone knows that merokok memang merbahayakan kesihatan. But the pleasure of merokok, hanya orang merokok saja yang tahu. I am trying to understand them.

What i am trying to say here is, instead of spending their money to harm their body n person around them, spend it for their future. RM500-600...  A man can secure a personal insurance that covers his life, medical, and saving for him n his family's future. That only will take a quarter or half from the mentioned amount. He even have extra amount to be spent for his family... Makan besar once a month maybe. Because those person yang akan bersama kita untuk jaga bila kita sakit. Or can get his beloved partner to be protected also. Why not? Berubah lah sekarang, sebelum terlambat. Get protected now. 

Great eastern.
Life is great.

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