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Friday, March 23, 2012

I love my new flats!

It is really rare for me to beli flats sebab typically flats’ designs are too common. Kalau tak yg berjari 1, tali from left to right. Alaaaa…. boring lah.


Yesterday masa jalan2 kat Sunway Carnival Mall (owh… niat asal nak beli ink printer je)… ada ternampak WalkIn buat sales! up to 70%! LeSandee (dijual di walkIn) is another my favorite brand after Vincci. The quality is tip top! I ask mak to come along and tengok2 kot2 ada yang berkenan di hati. Nahhhh mak bought 2 pairs. And I… I get myself this lovely sandal.


The design is really unique and believe me it is really super comfortable! when I walk, I feel like im just wearing socks (it can be an open-toe socks)




Finally, We’ve got 3 pairs that cost us less than RM100! Woooohhhoooo! What a great shopping masa sales!

Hint: Sales at WalkIn is from 15 March until 15 April 2012.


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