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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Business Idol is getting married

Im so happy for her sebab both of them nampak sangat sweet together...

Vivy Vivy VIVY.... Ms. Proudduck is getting married. 

Mcm mana Dean pop out the question? You can read it HERE.

Congratulations Vivy Yusof.

She's inspiring me in many ways - business, life, positive thinking... but now... marry? Owh noooo.. not now plz. I need to be well established mcm Vivy then baru leh follow her BIG step ni.

2nd Congratulations and Happy Birthday to her 11/12/11 <-- 24 years old (i read on her Twitter @vivyyusof )

p.s.: FV's birthday gift is still with me. Cepat la pegi submit wahai cik Nur Shakirah.

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