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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surat untuk keturunan ku

Dear my future son(s) n daughter(s), grandsons and granddaughters... mak/nenek penah hidup pada 11.11.11 @1.11am, 11.11am, 1.11pm, n 11.11pm. nothing much different pun but im so glad to experience it together with mak,ayah,n brother.

Kids/grandkids, please sedekahkan ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran for us.

Your mother/grandma/mak/nenek. 11.11.11 (year 2011) @ 11.11pm


  1. Hehehee ... and please pay some respect to us since we have experienced it and neither one of you have it ... muahahahaaaaa blueekkkk :P

    - Your Pakcik/ Atok Sedara -

    p/s: ... we are amazed how Siri works on iPhone 4s! It is a new kind technology for us!! :O

  2. simplenye... i aspect more... anyway good sharing...