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Monday, September 26, 2011

I love you by Vivy Yusof

Yesterday I was quite been turned down. Then I remember a famous blogger who always inspiring me in many ways - Vivy Yusof (proudduck.com). Then I was immediately get my phone and browse into her blog. I read this one post - i love you. This post has really touched my heart and mind (okay... many post does!). There are 11 points to maintain good relationship among Muslim. I am just going to highlight a few of them:

  • It’s haram to fight and not speak for more than 3 days. Put down that ego and be the bigger person. <-- man... 
  • Don’t be jealous of one another. Be happy for them, jealousy and envy only causes hatred and division.
  • Don’t spoil the deal of another brother/sister. I like her explanation... If he’s selling something at RM 1, don’t interrupt and sell the same thing at 50 cents. Let him go through with his deal first. If it doesn’t happen, then you can come into the picture. Basically, don’t cut his rezeki if he got it first. <-- this always happens in Malay's business environment... another spoiler is memburukkan another produk in order to sell their product. This is not healthy!
You can read more here.

After I read her blog, I feel so... how to say this... kagum? She's got beauty with brain and her words are really make the readers think... "eh... betol jugak tu". She always makes me look down to earth. Not that she has turned me down, but she makes me always said to myself, jangan berlagak jangan poyo.

If its happen to Vivy herself read this post, I would like to say Thank you so much sis for those inspiring posts. Not just this I Love You post... but a lot more. Keep it up!

Akhir kata.. Bersihkan hati bersihkan jiwa. Cantik luar cantik dalam diri. Respect others. Never burukkan or even cut rezeki orang lain sebab perbuatan itu sangat LOW.


  1. Wow! Truly a small world!

    I knew Miss Vivy Dato' Yusof from his father's Industrialized Building System (IBS) building block & construction business venture (http://www.provenholding.com).

    Yup! Bersih hati, rezeki pun mudah.

  2. Assalamualaikum. Tq for sharing this.
    Don't feel down. Keep your chin up! =D