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Monday, June 06, 2011

Susahnya Nak Cari Apps untuk Winmo


One word to describe my feeling towards Windows Mobile (Winmo).

I have started using Winmo since 1 and half years ago (Winmo 6.5). During that time, internet connection just bergantung kepada wireless. Before this I only use this smart phone for basic usage such as texting, and call. Sekarang dah 2011. Dah boleh pakai broadband on phone. Perkembangan ni has opened my eyes mengenai functionality baru untuk smart phone. + kemunculan iPhone 4, Blackberry and Andriod platform yang semakin meluas menyebabkan Winmo semakin tenggelam. Before this I wonder y some peoples hate Winmo. Now I know and realized why is that happening.

Last 2 weeks was my 1st time masuk ke Marketplace. Tempat ni +- Appstore and Android Market. In other words it is quite similar mcm ‘lubuk’ utk download application. Before this I have read some reviews about iPhone for example. Many reviews said that anything pon kene purchase. While for Winmo, there are many free apps available <—boooo! + the choices are very limited.

My target just one, to get an application that allows me to use Yahoo Messenger. Here, there are very few-limited-alternative applications such as IM+ <—it costs $19+. I have tried another options (free); IMO, MEEBO. Only available for iPhone, Andriod, and Blackberry.

How about Winmo?

Pakai internet browser.


Lebih mengecewakan when sekarang ni Winmo dah ada Winmo 7 and will be upgraded to Winmo 8. While Winmo 6.5 seperti dah xpernah wujud and apps avail pon dah outdated.

*BOOOOOO* for the 3rd time.

*ku kechewa*

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