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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Good News for Winmo Chatterz

Kekechewaan pada Winmo isn’t finished just like that. I keep on searching if there is ANY possibility. Cari punye cari finally I have found 1. Bak kata pepatah,

usaha itu tangga kejayaan.

^—nak panjat tu agak susah n berpoluh2 la jugak.

Thank you very much to AlternativeTO teams for providing a list of options in selecting instant messenger apps. I have found this incredible application through


^ take note that the platform is mentions in the end of the url (very useful for Winmo). So, get to know your platform my dear. ;)

From this url, I have found another alternatives software available for instant messenger such as



I chose Palringo. It is new for me. No harm to try kan? So i went to their website,



You will get this kind of display.

OMG, bersinar-sinar mata when looking at the options and there is Windows Mobile logo. Am I dreaming?!


Apo lagi, boleh download and then install. Just click on Winmo Icon. You can get it for FREE and no registration required!

When you download the installer untuk Winmo, the ext is in .cab BUKAN .exe yea tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.

Bila donload dah selesai, pindahkan ke dalam phone and sila lah install.


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