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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

solution for virus attack of your thumbdrive

Have you ever been in this situation?
You  have a clean flashdisk. You have to go to a printing center/shop. After that your thumbdrive is infected by virus or worm?
What to do? What is your prevention action for your clean computer?

Here i want to share some tips which can assist you in preventing or managing the virus or worm from your flash drive.
  1. Do not open your removable drive by click OK at autorun window or double click at Removable drive partition.
  2. Open your tdrive using the Address field or right click on the partition, Explore
  3. Check the file's extension (.exe, .doc, etc) before you open it.
  1. Copy the non infected file into a temporary folder on your hard disk.
  2. Make sure you did not copy autorun.inf and recycler folder. (it is usually a hidden file)
  3. Try to permanently delete these 2 files.
  4. If the system refuse, right click on your removable drive -> Format
  5. TADAAAA!!!! now you have a clean flash disk

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