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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Storm.Rain.Shine - March 2015

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Lailahaillallah. Allahuakbar.

Before you read this post, remember as a Muslim, we do have 6 rukun iman:
  1. Percaya kepada Allah
  2. Percaya kepada Malaikat
  3. Percaya kepada Kitab Al-Quran
  4. Percaya kepada Rasul
  5. Percaya kepada hari kiamat
  6. Percaya kepada Qadha’ & Qadar
The beginning of March 2015 was a dark experience for me and my family. My father who was a healthy and happy-go-lucky man suddenly turned into a very quiet person. His brain performance has started to degrade from day to day. He could not be able to drive, talk, walk, or even eat. It is not alzheimer. His blood pressure was normal. His condition was similar to a computer that preparing itself to hybernate. 

On Sunday afternoon, me and my brother were rushed back to Penang together with our cats. Alhamdulillah the journey was smooth although my cat-abang was not really happy because we forgot to place the weewee tray inside their cage. *okay my bad*

Once we arrived in Penang, we let the cats play around the house. But both of them are just hiding behind the sofa. We assume they are sulking. My ayah is very quiet. We can see he is weak. He cannot walk properly. We can see that he has lost some kgs too. 

On the next day, we went to clinic to check my father’s condition. Everything was normal. The doctor said he need more rest. On that particular evening, my brother, father and mother went to Perlis to have an alternative medicine, syifa. I was at home to take care of our cats. I feel nothing and sleep like I have never slept before until my cats are attacking ‘something’. Aww man. I was shocked and scared. I called my brother who's still in Perlis. They have just finished their treatment. Something has happened on that night. *Keep it secret*

Next morning, my father’s condition is still unstable. I have tried to take a look the nearest syifa in Penang. It was very disappointed. Most of the syifa centres operate once a week, and from after Isya’ until 11pm to 12.00am. I have called one of the ustaz mentioned about my father’s and house critical condition. The ustaz said, “Waktu rawatan esok. Dah mentioned dalam blog. Pergi office, kena ambil nombor giliran dulu.” When i asked about the possibility for him to come to my house and clear all of these stuffs.. “Kena buat surat dulu, masuk meeting.” Innalillah. My father is suffering, whole family is suffering, and he takes it like nothing. I am very deeply disappointed. No longer after that, Alhamdulillah my uncle gave us one Imam’s contact number. I called and told him about my father’s condition. We went to meet imam on that night.

*** I am going to skip the details of the treatments. ***

What I want to share over here are what you can do to protect yourself.
  1. Recite Al-Quran and Zikir - These are the food to our soul. A weak soul may easily get influenced by jin, syaitan, khadam. It may help to protect you from sihir too. Do not forget to share the zikir with your beloved person including your pets. They need a strong soul too.
  2. Believe in every words in Al-Quran. It is a gift, a heritage from Rasulullah that has thousands of story, and thousands of benefits when we believe. Read, understand, believe.
  3. Take a good care of your hygiene. 
  4. Do choose your couple based on his/her knowledge religion. If he/she is weak in religion, do guide/groom him/her. He/She will be on your side no matter what. He/she will assists you in your solat when you are very sick. He/she will pray and zikir for your soul to makes you stronger.
  5. Teach and occupy your children with islamic knowledge. They are the source of your strength and they will pray for you no matter what. 
  6. Avoid any second hand/antique items. Those may be ‘owned’ by something.
  7. Adopt a cat. It can sense the unwanted ‘guests’ inside your house.
My father is recovering. He can now feed himself. He can also pray by himself but sometimes we need to monitor and assists him with bacaan dalam solat. Alhamdulillah. To my friends and students, Thanks for your Doa. I told my father about it. He was touched and cried. Thank you. 

I am very lucky to have a very understanding and supportive people around me.


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