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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Know your high heels

Now let's see what I have and my review on each brand...

M&S Collection - Wider fit from Mark and Spencer
Type: round toe pump
A good news for those wide feet people! This is the high heels that is very comfortable for us. There is a soft layer of cloth inside this heels that covers toe box area (front-half of the shoes). This layer helps to protect your toe from suffering for blister. I don't need to wear any socks. It has been 3 weeks I own this high heels, so far the material; sole, insole, heels is superb. It looks like and feel new. Dear wider feet people, you should have 1!

Clarks - Softwear
Type: round toe pump
I love this high heels. A part from its comfortableness, its price makes me 'fasting' from buying any new shoes for 4 months. This shoes is very very very comfortable. I can even run in it (okay.. a bit... from security check to airport gate). Sadly... after 2 weeks I own this heels, the inside layer was flaking into small pieces. outside, no problem. The outside condition looks like a brand new especially the sole. 

The most bottom right
Type: Peep-Toe Platform
No flakes produced, price is affordable even it is leather. Age: 1yo

The most bottom left
Type: Peep-toe platform slingback 
The platform is not that thick. So this high heel is actually high - less cheating. This is not leather. Some flakes produced after sometime I haven't used it. This costs not that pricy. I have bought when it was "New arrival"... now, less 50%. T_T

The most upper side
Charles and Keith
You can read the review over here... Baru ku tahu jenis-jenis kasut perempuan

Type: Peep-Toe Platform
This high heels is a bit 'small' and the material is quite 'tough' - My feet feels like wearing corset. I love the blue color and its design. And the material for its heels is superb!

Most left level G
Type: Peep-Toe Slingback wedges
I have been using this heels for 2 years!!! no flakes produced. My foot was suffering for A little bit of blister but I have overcome by applying some candle around it.

Type: Peep-toe T-strap Wedges
This is super comfortable especially for wider feet. This heels 'merajuk' right after I bought Clarks above. It is dark blue, I love it more.

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