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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Farmville on Mac

Day 7 of using Mac

Today I have just learnt 2 new things on my Mac.
Screen Capture and install Adobe Flash Player on my Mac.

sounds noob


before this I don't bother on how to screen capture my windows on Mac. But just to share with you all my happiness of the ability to play Farmville on Mac, i put some efforts to find it.

here here.. see. i can manage my farm from my Mac. There are some apps that iPad cannot do, while Mac can. Before this, I did tried to install adobe Flash player on my iPad mini. But not supported. So I was thinking that there will be no Adobe Flash Player on Apple product. But lucky me. When I was about to play my playlist on YouTube, it ask me to install Adobe Flash Player on my browser. 

Love love love 

when there is a flash player, it is a green light to play FarmVille!

After the installation, i just try my luck to click on FarmVille link. 
Yes! It is successfully loaded!

I am very happy until i want to share the screen capture to prove it here. Guess what is my lazy step? capture thru my phone....

like this one...

but too shame to show my laziness to learn a new thing since my students will read this blog too.

I did Google on "Screen capture on Mac"

and I have found this useful website


Command + Shift + 4, then select which area I want.

And I managed to get this beautiful picture of my farm... ;)

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