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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Khalif, welcome to the world

Last Sunday, I went to visits my friend who's giving birth to a baby boy in PPUM. Since it is a pre-gov hospital, I need to wait until 5pm - visiting time. Since it was the first time I went to PPUM, I have no comments on the access from the parking lot to the kanak-kanak ward. Based on my experience that day, it is quite far. Maybe there is another parking lot area nearby. But, there is a secret recipe. After I have burned those calories, i can now replace it back here. haha!

Around 5pm, the visitors are allowed to enter the ward area. It takes another 5-10minutes of walking time untuk ke ward lepas bersalin. Sampai saja, our friend (I will name her "the-mommy"), tengah bersiap2 nak bersihkan diri sebab through out the time lepas bersalin, no one nk jaga her baby while she's away. So I saw how difficult her movement is. Dehydrate, pain, hungry. I can say that I am very unhappy for what ever I saw on that day -service from ppum. But the baby calm me a bit. Although bertanda sikit dahinya disebabkan oleh proses kelahiran last night, he's still the cutest one. 

3kg++, quite huge huh. Alhamdulillah, yang penting sihat.

This visit sangat menginsafkan diri. Believe it or not, i did cried sebab terkenang macam mana la mak lalui dulu selepas bersalinkan diri ni. :( 

Walauapa pun, tahniah diucapkan kepada the-mommy n husband.

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  1. barely super duper mommy heheee....tq for the present anty sha gorgeous!!