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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding Reception Hafida Hafis

.She looks pretty.

I love her make-up

I love the pearls on her veil

I love the foods served especially kari daging

I love to lepaking with Adlina for the whole afternoon


It was quite last minute confirmation with Adlina untuk pegi skali ke kenduri Fida ni. Long time tak meet her… n also Fida.

We have arrived there just “ngam2 sui” waktu lunch. Pengantin lelaki tak sampai lagi.

So kitorg pun buat rumah kenduri mcm rumah sendiri. Kejap lepak luar, kejap lepak dalam rumah, kejap posing kat pelamin. Just both of US!


We update ourselves with the latest juicy gossips among our friends. Adlina always keep in touch with them. So many of our classmates who has married, or at least engaged. She said its kind of psycho when everyone is moving to the next step while … ermm… I think she’s going to the next step, next year… or 2 years? Pfftttt.

Owh I forgot to mentioned that we meet Syafinas (peanut) and Roshaniza (Rosalinda) and also Mr Air Force, Zaini. Those were a part my classmates 5 Bijaksana (memang kita bijak2) masa di SMK Dato’ Onn Butterworth.

While lepaking, the Fida’s sister, Diba asked whether we’ve got the goodies? Adlina yang lurus pun replied dah dapat. But me was so muka tak malu said, yes2, we’ve got the small one. But the other one (BIGGER BAG) tak dapat lagi. AND right after that, we’ve got the BIGGER bag too! Thank you fida n family.


I just add Adlina’s face and exclude mine because of … TOO EXCITED FACE!


This is the 2nd time posing because we have missed the 1st session sebab we were sebok posing kat pelamin.


Sorry fida… kitorg dah rasmi dulu pelamin tu walaupun pada awalnya Adlina kata,”Mana boleh, pengantin tak rasmi lagi!”.


Happy wedding to you and your husband! I am sooooo happy for you!


Selendang Shiny Silk by SHOL

Kerongsang Pearl Sabah is a gift from Kak Naomi-sae. Thank you Kak Naomi.

Accidently pakai baju kaler sama – akak tol PLUS pun tegur our baju sama.


Update 20 April 2012:

Just received an image from the official photographer, Meorvarae Arcania.


Selendang Shiny Silk by SHOL

Edited by me.

Thank you Mr. Meorvarae Arcania for this picture! And thank you for teach us about DSLR. So Adlina, duet gaji bulan ni beli lense baru kay!

How selekeh me that time with the smudge eyeliner. Berpeluh!

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